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The law in the UK states that you must have minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm. To check your tyres, you can look for the tread bars that most tyres come with. You can also do the 20 pence rule. Place the edge of a twenty pence coin in the tread of your tyre, if you can see any part of the outer band of the coin, it means the tyre tread is too shallow and probably illegal. So, if your tyres are worn to the point of being illegal, why not come and book an appointment with Franky Does It of Crawley. We stock a wide range of quality tyres for cars or vans.


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If your exhaust is becoming noisy, it won’t pass the MOT. Apart from a failed MOT, your exhaust system helps keep your car running smoothly. Problems with the exhaust can make your vehicle run sluggishly and it will affect your fuel efficiency. At Franky Does It of Crawley, we can test, inspect and repair where necessary. Come see us today!


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